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Our oil was bottled and named "Angelic"




Our extra virgin oil is produced in Filiatra which is in the South Western side of Peloponnese, in Greece.

Since 2010 we are extracting the olive oil from our owned olive trees of Koroneiki olive variety and take it to the olive press and after to the bottling factory. The quality of our olive oil is extremely nice and wonderful. The fact that our olive oil has been certified as Extra Virgin Olive Oil cannot be ignored!! By definition, the Extra Virgin olive oil is an unrefined oil which means that the oil has been extracted from olives that have been pressed without added heat or chemicals. The acidity level is beneath a certain percentage of equal or less than 0.8 and the term “extra virgin” is the highest grade given.

The Angelic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has acidity level equal to 0.42, which means high quality of the olive oil and we follow the grading standards ensuring that you get a bottle or box of the most authentic olive taste (pungent and fruity) to lead you to a delicious meal.

Every November we are in charge with the collection of the olives and try our best efforts to have the best quality in your table. Your satisfaction is our happiness.


The stages of our olive oil production

Our olives are harvested by hand and after shaking trees by beating

After that, the fruit of olive is transferred to a mill as soon as possible, in order to avoid fermentation and mould growth, which both undermine the quality of olive oil.

We start by weighing, separating and washing olives.

In our olive oil, the paste of olive is beaten in cold.

Once the production phase is over, we conduct all the necessary chemical analysis, in order to ensure the high quality of our final product.

Then, we perform the standarization of our oil having all the necessary accreditations.

Oil is a main pillar of the Mediterranean diet and is used in many dishes and recipes of the Greek cuisine.

Tons of oil
Olive Tree

At the moment we deliver the olive oil three times a year directly to your doorstep, if you are not located on our route we would be happy to deliver our oil via post. Our route varies depending on our orders and is regularly updated on our homepage.


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