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No other plant in history has been as valued as the olive tree, which is one of the oldest cultured plants of the world. Its fruits, the olives and its extracted oil have significantly shaped the Mediterranean culture and have been a daily part of the Mediterranean cuisine for centuries. In the past decades olive oil has been rediscovered for its health benefits in western countries as well.

Our Green-Oliveoil is a high quality olive oil from the south of Greece, the peninsula Peloponnesus to be exact. Our olive grove is situated on a sunny hillside in a small village called Filiatra in the vicinity of Kalamata, which inhabits around 7000 inhabitants.

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We collect our olives by hand and deliver them to the olive press in jute bags. First the olives are separated from the leaves then they get cleaned in a water bath, then they are crushed as a whole into small pieces. By pressing the olives and centrifuging them the precious olive oil is being extracted with the cold-press procedure in 22-24 C°.

After, the oil is put into steel cylinders, this is done to let the small particles of the pulp in the olive oil sink to the ground. At last the now clear and pure olive oil is filled into specially built canisters, which ensure the oil is safe from oxidation and light exposure.

The freshly pressed olive oil has an acidity level of 0,2 which is an excellent level. We guarantee you fresh, carefully analyzed olive oil and is why we can label our oil as extra virgin olive oil.


At the moment we deliver the olive oil three times a year directly to your doorstep, if you are not located on our route we would be happy to deliver our oil via post. Our route varies depending on our orders and is regularly updated on our homepage.

Our Route


Of course we can also send samples, which can be ordered via phone or e-mail free of charge. We deliver in 5l canisters but also provide personalized options which we can offer after a consultation.

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